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About XADO

The main field of the company’s activity is development and introduction of the revitalizants, which are designed for protection, repair and tools-free restoration of the mechanisms. The unique resource-intensive nanotechnology provides restoration of the mechanism under normal operation mode, insuring antiwear protection and complete restoration of vehicles and mechanisms.

This is profitable for you!

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    Fuel and power savings up to 15%
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    Increase of the equipment life span by two to four times.
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    Environmental soundness, decrease of harmful emissions to the atmosphere
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    No more losses due to the equipment down time by repair. Restoration takes place under normal operation mode!
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    No expenses for complete overhaul

How does it work?

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As a result of friction, which occurs between surfaces of the mechanism’s parts, the mechanism is subject to wear. This can lead to the premature failure of the mechanism. All greases and technologies, which were known before, could only slow down the wear process. Owing to the XADO Revitalizant a ceramic-metal layer is formed on the surfaces of metal friction pairs during operation of the mechanism. This process is called Revitalisation.

The protective coating, which was formed on the surface of the part as a result of the revitalisation, possesses unique properties and even exceeds the new part by a number of characteristics.

Such results cannot be achieved by other technologies (plating and metal-containing additives, additives on the basis of molybdenum disulfide, esters – sticky magnets, liquid ceramics – boron nitride), which existed earlier.

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Application of XADO-Revitalizants

This technology is applied universally and easy in use. We offer more than 800 products for civil and military industry, transportation industry, aircraft, shipbuilding, agricultural and medical equipment, weapons and household appliances. Everywhere, where there is metal-to-metal friction (compressors, gearboxes, hydraulic systems, engines, rolling and sliding bearings of all types, open gear drives, lathes, presses etc.) XADO Chemical Group has developed a lot of products with the revitalizant. XADO greases are produced according to the operation conditions of units, their design features, load limits etc. This makes it possible to achieve the maximal revitalisation of each mechanism.

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Gels-Revitalizants. We offer more than 30 special gels-revitalizants for protection and repair of different units of vehicles, industrial and shooting sports equipment, as well as revitalizants, which are applied as additives by manufacturing of different greases and oils

Motor and industrial oils. We offer more than 100 items of motor and industrial oils. Application of the revitalizants in oils has proved that such oils possess unsurpassed operational properties.

Universal and industrial greases. Repairing greases are produced on the basis of modern package of additives with revitalizant superconcentrate and aimed for restoration of different units. Owing to the presence of the revitalizant more than 50 XADO greases allow achieving the absolute protection of vehicles and mechanisms during their operation